This site was created to share and exchange information. It is hoped that many new cousins will be found so that our families will grow in connections as well as content.

My name is Patricia Dunne and my hobbies include genealogy, music, and gardening.  I began my genealogical journey about 25 years ago and have enjoyed it tremendously.  I am a genealogy addict and I love it!

DNA testing is becoming more and more popular for determining ancestral (and current) connections and country of origin.  For general information about DNA testing, check out this website

See the page highlighting in pictures my father’s trip to Vladivostock, Siberia, in 1919 at the age of 17 years.

You might find interesting the page listing the US Navy ships on which my father served.

Take a look at the page for unnamed photos.  See someone there that you can identify?  Please contact me.

Doing research in San Francisco, California?  Check out this page to see the history of cemeteries removed from San Francisco and relocated.

To Honor Our Loved Ones

I know my ancestors want to be found because of all the help I have received and “minor miracles” that have taken place over the past sixteen years.  I believe that by remembering them, we honor them.

Be sure to click on “Surname Index” above and follow the links (there are three) to the genealogy I have put up at WorldConnect.  There are MANY surnames included that are not listed on these pages.

Special Thank You

I want to thank everyone who has contributed to these pages in one way or another, some related by blood and others by spirit.

A very special “thank you” to my son Sean for giving me this space on his server to put all this information.  Check out his site for E-Commerce software.

What a wonderful journey we are on! 

Under Construction  

These pages will always be under construction! So please be patient as additions and improvements are made. Some of the files are large and will need a minute or more to load.  If you experience a problem trying to access a file, try again.  Someone else may be looking at the page you want to see.  If you still experience problems, contact me.


Most of this research was done by be and is accurate according to my source documents. Some of the information has been submitted by others and, to the best of my knowledge, is accurate.  If you have a question regarding information, please contact me and we will sort it out.

Sources used for the family connections contained here are various:  Census Records; Parish Church Records; Wills; Birth, Baptism, Marriage & Death Certificates; Vital Records Index of St. Catherine’s House, England; family Bibles (Barth, O’Reilly & Preudhomme), letters, obituaries, and personal knowledge of family members.

Scanned photocopies of available records can be found in the “Sources” section.  If you have documented sources for any of the family members on these pages and wish to add to the collection, please contact me.

See A Familiar Name?

If you see someone you think is yours, please let me know and we can compare information.  If you believe we have a connection, but your ancestor is not listed, contact me and I will look in my private data base for your names.  I have tried to protect the confidentiality of those who are still living.

Please let me know if you find a family member, can add information, or can correct information found here!


The information contained herein is being made available for the purpose of furthering genealogical information and is not to be sold or reproduced to be sold in any form, electronic or otherwise.

Copyright © 1999 – 2012 by Patricia J. Dunne
All rights reserved 

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  1. Dear Ms. Dunne,
    Would like to contact you regarding your father’s service aboard USS Chicago (CA-29).

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