There are two Daniel lines that I am researching:  one begins with Biggers Daniel of North Carolina and Upson Co, Georgia; and the other line begins with James Daniel, Sr. of Virginia who married Ann Parker.  My research into Biggers Daniel line began with a Pedigree Chart supplied by Ila May (Stinton) Beck and the “Early History of the Daniel Family”  (below) was supplied by Alene (Stinton) Luke, both Daniel descendents.

The “Daniel History”

This is a typed copy of the 4-page handwritten information that was given to me by Alene (Stinton) Luke on her Daniel family of Upson Co., Georgia. It is copied exactly as it was written, errors and all. It appears to have originally been part of a letter.  I don’t know who wrote the information except for the initials F_B.

“Early History of the Daniel Family”

The first known recollection of this particular branch of the Daniel family in the Flint River area of Upson and Talbot County begins with these brothers, Bigus (or Biggers), Jack and Archie*. It is said that Bigus and Jack came first from South Carolina in a community just across the line of Georgia. Archie live in Georgia, but in the same general neighborhood. Stories have it that they were well-to-do people there – “that they threw more out to the dogs there than they had to live on later.” Jack was a bachelor (never married), and settled on the Talbot County side of Flint River. It appears that Bigus was already widowed, bringing with him three sons: William, Cornelius and Noah, one daughter: Eliza. He settled on the Upson side of Flint River, to the left of the Woodland road, on the Roland Road. The house seat was on the place Ellis Daniel raised his family, but farther down the road on the right. Cornelius went across the river to the Talbot County side. William settled first in Upson, later moving to Talbot, and Noah settled in the bend of the river.” It is said that they came into this area on the way to Alabama (or Louisiana) but the Indians were still fighting in Columbus and it was not possible to get across the river there.

Archie Daniel brought a wife (presumably) and family about a year later when he came with other members of his wife’s family. He settled in Talbot Co. Whether Archie was a brother to Jack and Biggers remains really a question. Aunt Ida always referred to Biggers as “Uncle Biggers” rather than as her great-grand-father, however, she never mentioned her mother’s family sharing in the estate of Uncle Jack as did her father’s family.

From Sidney Hammock, a descendent of Archie through Manson’s daughter Rebecca, we hear that they came to the area from Wilkes County (Ga or N.C.) While the Indians were still here. Elias home was just across the river (from Thomaston toward Woodland Talbot County) at the top of the hill on the right and was called “The Dowrey.” Manson’s place was one quarter to half a mile farther on down the road.

James Madison Daniel raised his family at the fork of Big Liza Creek and Flint River, living there until about 1900. His mother and father lived with them in their late years. Aunt Ida said “Grandma Munnee’s hair was coal black and so long she had to hold it up to keep it off the floor when she combed it. All the four brothers lived close to each at that time. In the summer they carried the goats across to “Goat Island” in Flint River, bringing them back before winter set in. They had what was called a fishery with traps set. Each morning one brother would fish the traps, each taking his turn, to get fish and turtles for the family.

Understand that I am only passing on information. Personally, I cannot verify any of it. F_B.

Biggers Daniel and his wife Pegg came to Georgia in the early 1830’s presumably. The story is that they had started West, but the Indians were still in Columbus so they settled on Flint River in Talbot Co. Biggers was born around 1794? In N. Carolina. Pegg was also born in N.C. around 1790. There were four children

Eliza, b April 5, 1810 D. Nov 20, 1912

Cornelius B Dec 23, 1813 D. Mar 20, 1890

Noah B June 17, 1815 D. May 13, 1892

William B 1830 D. Feb 13, 1883

Noah married Rhoena (Roweny – Rowena) Hammach August 2, 1849. She was born May 4, 1831 D. July 5, 1915

The following information was taken from a photo copy of the family Bible in the possession of the aforementioned “Melly.”


Martha Caroline Oct 19, 1851

John W April 24, 1853

Margaret Charity Elizabeth Aug 4, 1854

Mary Ellen Dec 4, 1855

James W May 5, 1858 Thomaston Times (another handwriting) Pg. 5 Col 4

Theodocea Mar 3, 1860

Eliza Jane October 9, 1864

Biggers Thomas April 30, 1866

Sara Josephine April 19, 1869

Charlie Daniel April 13, 1878

Rosanet (or Rosanel) Nov 22, 1883

George Washington April 13, 1888

There were other births recorded which I am sure were also grandchildren, as the last three shown.

The following information was given to me by Evelyn Chiles, whose address I have already given you:

Obadiah E. Daniel (resident near Woodbureg in 1899) was listed as 18 in 1850 census 28 in 1860 in Meriwether Co., Ga

His father was James W. Daniel B in Virginia

His mother was Ann M Daniel B in Virginia

His wife: Marsha C. Daniel B Oct 18, 1851 in Upson County Georgia

They had been married 19 years in 1900 (I guest this information)

Her father Noah Daniel, Mother Rhoena Daniel

Children: Male: Charles M. B. Apr 13, 1878

Females not listed in 1900 census but shown to be 13 years of age in Confederate Pension Files

Male: George W. B Aug 1888

(End of letter)

Additions, Corrections, Source Proofs Welcome

If you can add or correct information for the Daniel families in my database, I welcome your  messages.



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    • The “F.B.” is my Aunt Frances Daniel Birdsong. Her brother is my Grandfather, Louis Cornelius Daniel. Aunt Frances lives in Thomaston, Ga. I have her number if you want it.

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