Charles Gustave Spormann

The 1880 Census shows the birth place of Charles’ mother to be Prussia and his father to be Braunschweig (Johanna was also from Braunschweig).

According to the “History of Linn County, Iowa, from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time: Volume II” Charles emigrated to the United States about 1860 and established his first home in Sterling, Illinois., before moving to Clinton, Ohio, where he settled with his family.  I believe he may have worked and saved to pay for the passage of his wife Johanna.  The article mentions that Charles served in the Civil War but I have found no evidence to prove it.  Charles owned and ran a saloon and tobacco shop in Clinton, Linn County, Iowa, for most of his life.

Most, if not all, of his children eventually dropped the second n from Spormann using Sporman as their last names.

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